Mentorship Program and New Evaluation Documents

Mentoring Program for New Teachers to Lab

For the past 20+ weeks, the Mentorship committee has worked hard to create the Lab Mentoring Program Draft 11 4-23-12. The idea for this Mentoring Program was embraced by the union and the administration last spring during negotiations. Now that these details have been worked out (with some tweaking still to do), the membership of the Union will need to vote on the Program as it is a new addition to the contract. (Click on link above to view the draft,)

New Evaluation Documents

This committee has also worked on new evaluation documents for each of the schools. Please look these over as we will need to approve these as well. Working to create new evaluation tools was also part of contract negotiations last spring.

N-K Documents:  Expectations Document – N-K Draft 4 , Faculty Evaluation N-K v4

Primary Documents: Expectations Document – Primary Draft 4Faculty Evaluation Primary v4-1

Lower School Documents: Expectations Document – LS Draft 4Faculty Evaluation LS v4

Middle School/ High School Documents: Expectations Document – MS-HS Draft 4Faculty Evaluation MS-HS v4

Details about voting on both the Mentorship Program and the Evaluation Documents will be forthcoming.

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